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- Simulation of a virtual treatment result (on the screen you can see how your smile direct club vs Invisalign will change after treatment)
- Consultation with an orthodontist
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Visit our article on smile direct club vs Invisalign for teeth care and alignment braces or byte. Aligners Invisalign perfectly copes with increased interdental spaces, correct slight crowding, simple malocclusion in the up-down and right-left directions. Aligners can also be useful in situations where individual teeth need to be misaligned, to heal or reinforce the results of wearing braces. Below are the main indications:

Gaps between teeth
Crowding teeth
Distal bite
Open bite
Level bite
Mesial bite.

Main Advantages:

High aesthetic effect. The treatment process will pass unnoticed by others due to the fact that the aligners are transparent and comfortable.

Ease of use - the aligners of the smile direct club vs Invisalign system are easy to take off and put on. Power remains as usual.

Comfort in use due to the absence of metal parts in the material.

Does not cause allergies, speech defects and does not affect the taste.

The usual hygiene procedure. They do not interfere with oral hygiene, the possibility of gum disease is significantly reduced, in contrast to the use of braces.

Customization means the aligners fit perfectly to your teeth, which reduces irritation and scratches.

Saving the patient's time, there is no need to spend a lot of time at the doctor's appointment.

This System Has Undeniable Advantages:

Mouthguards are almost invisible, people around you will not even guess that you are aligning your teeth Invisalign aligners are the most comfortable method of bite correction because, unlike braces, they do not have any metal parts that can cause irritation of the mucous membranes and discomfort in the mouth.

you will know in advance the exact duration of treatment and can easily calculate the number of visits to the dentist - all this is planned at the very beginning of treatment when making a virtual model of bite correction.

ease of use is associated with the ability to remove aligners at any time - for eating, brushing teeth, or a particularly important meeting.

the use of Invisalign aligners guarantees a completely individual approach - aligners will be made personally for you in a certified laboratory in the USA
this method of teeth straightening is one of the most effective - you will notice the first changes within a few weeks after the start of treatment.

Come to an orthodontist's consultation - our specialists will tell you everything about how to correct a bite without braces and about Invisalign aligners, the features of their use, and will calculate the cost and timing of treatment.

Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a real innovation in the dental market that allows you to perform bite correction without braces. Mouthguards look like a set of transparent onlays on the teeth and are made individually for a specific patient, based on a high-precision impression, in the laboratory of Aling Technology in the USA.

To carry out the treatment, the orthodontist dentist must undergo special training and receive a certificate from the manufacturer of the Invisalign aligners. This requirement guarantees the most effective use of smile direct club vs Invisalign and professional patient support at all stages of treatment.

Stages of bite correction without braces using Invisalign aligners

Stage 1 - Preparation

An experienced dentist, certified by the manufacturer of Invisalign aligners, will carry out all the necessary diagnostics and draw up a treatment plan. Next, a volumetric model of the patient's oral cavity is made using an impression (cast) of both jaws.

Stage 2 - Production Of Modules

The impression is sent to the USA, where specialists in the Aling Technology laboratory produce a special 3D model of ClinCheck, which is a virtual display of the treatment plan, the proposed course, and direction of movement of the teeth. This technology is used to facilitate the control of the quality of treatment by the doctor and the patient.

Stage 3 - Making Invisalign Aligners

After receiving confirmation from an orthodontist, in a laboratory in the United States, aligners are made from patented plastic and sent to the clinic.

,b>Stage 4 - Getting Mouthguards

The patient receives one pair of mouthguards, as well as advice and instructions on their correct use.

Stage 5 - The Treatment Process

When the aligner (mouthguard) changes the position of the teeth to the right moment, the doctor replaces the mouthguards with the next pair. Typically, it takes 2 weeks to wear one pair of mouthguards. The patient needs to ensure that the aligners are worn for at least 22 hours a day; it is recommended to take them off only during meals and brushing teeth.

Turning to the dentistry of the smile direct club vs Invisalign, you will have a completely different look at your attitude to life and will once again start smiling at your loved ones!
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